In Production

These are the projects where we have the funding in place and we’re all hands to the pump.


In 2015 we produced a city wide community reading of B.S. Johnson’s experimental post war novel ‘The Unfortunates’. Known as ‘the book in the box’ the novel comprises 27 separately bound chapters which other than First and Last are not numbered. The reader is invited to shuffle the chapters so that the chronology of the narrative becomes randomly generated. The book is set in a city that is not named; a city that is Nottingham.
The project was a huge success (as can be seen in this Spectator review) and we have been asked several times to repeat it. Now, with the book in its fiftieth year of publication, the time is right and we are producing But I Know This City! again with the University of Nottingham for the Being Human festival.
The event will take place on Saturday 23rd November at 25 locations (beginning and ending at the Broadway cinema) across the city. This year we have one hundred volunteer readers in place and are particularly pleased that we have developed partnerships with a range of organisations such as the Theatre Royal and the Television Workshop, who will each be taking ownership of a chapter.

Project MeHeLP India

Following on from our work with DeMontfort University in Pune we are now working, again with DMU, on a large scale project that will use theatre to explore issues around the stigma of mental illness in Kerala. In partnership with Lokadharmi we will create first of all a series of intimate performances in a range of clinics in both the rural and urban areas of the state, and then develop a larger scale performance which will be shown in a range of community settings.

This is a large research project funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, and after an extensive period of research the theatre work will begin in earnest this September at the Lokadharmi base in Cochin.

A website for the project can be seen here.


After a highly successful and sold out tour of The Rutlanders Return, a community play based on the lives of four different families in the years following the end of the First World War, we are now working with Arts for Rutland on an audio version of the play that will be broadcast on Remembrance Sunday.

Alongside this we will also be publishing the script of the play, the first time that any of our plays have been made available in this way.

Once the recording is ready we will make sure that it is available for download, free of charge.


We are currently part of a larger project that is being run by Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Arts that is using the wonderful 1620s House and Garden at Donington le Heath as a stimulus for creative arts projects with school groups.

Our contribution has been to devise a tour for the house that uses the life story of the 17th century explorer and scientist Kenelm Digby to introduce ideas around early Enlightenment thinking to Year 10 pupils. Working with Stephen Jon we have also created a residency at a Loughborough primary school that resulted in a performative exhibition and a masked ceremony.

The project is ongoing and alongside running the tour again we will be performing an interactive lecture about Kenelm at a secondary school.


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