Barbeque 67 Revisited

On May 29th 1967, the Tulip Bulb Auction Hall in Spalding staged one of the greatest concerts in the history of rock and in the process inadvertantly launched the Summer of Love. This HLF funded project gathered stories and memories of those who were part of this incredible event (featuring The Move, Geno Washington, Pink Floyd, Cream and Jimi Hendrix)  to create a touring show and exhibition. Premiered at the South Holland Centre on election night to a large audience the show was a funny, playful, and energetic seventy minute performance full of great music. This was a show about pirate radio stations and coffee shops; about Jimi Hendrix dangling bedsheets out of the window of his room in the Red Lion; of the football ground becoming a camp for a hippy invasion; and of the magical moment when Spalding was the coolest place on Planet Earth.

The exhibition – comprising of fourteen panels and six MP3 players with interviews with those who were there – is still out and about in the area (last seen at Uptown Vinyl in Pinchbeck). You can hear one of these here.

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