Mr King Sent Butter and Mrs Mole Gave Bread

In 2008, after the success of Saving Up For Supper, we were asked to create a book that used the research that had been undertaken for the show. Named after a minute from one of the earliest meetings to raise funds for the Hucknall Church Hall ‘Mr King Sent Butter and Mrs Mole Gave Bread’ was our second foray into the creation of a book after ‘The Book of The Beck’. In the meantime we had also worked with the Nottinghamshire County Council Involve project to make a magazine with a group of older people in Mansfield.

This is very much a scrapbook that rattles through the one hundred plus years of a hugely successful community building with a lot of energy and images. We don’t have a copy of the definitive PDF but this is pretty much the version that was printed.

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