Road to Bilborough

2009 saw the beginning of our ongoing relationship with the University of Nottingham as we were commissioned to produce a body of work in connection with their academy project in Bilborough.

After a long period of research in the Nottingham suburb this show looked at the 1950s days of the estate and the sense of community that was fostered as hundreds of new families were rehoused there. Meanwhile, at the Department of Home Affairs in Bexley Heath the minister in charge of such new developments had a hankering to do more than just observe.

Road to Bilborough was a smaller scale touring show, again using film and a community cast, that was performed to five different venues across the neighbourhood to packed and appreciative audiences. A couple of academic papers came out of the work and we developed a fantastic relationship with many groups and individuals within the community.

As the leaflets said:

‘Over the last few months Hanby and Barrett have been out and about in Bilborough trying to find out as much as we can about this place where you all live. (If we didn’t speak to you we probably spoke to somebody that you know.) And after around one thousand one cups of tea and endless chocolate biscuits we are proud to present our new show. And this is no ordinary show, but a rollicking mixture of comedy, drama, film and fun.

The Road to Bilborough tells of prefabs and double steels, of bonfire parties on every crescent and of hundreds upon hundreds of young families arriving here in the 1950s ready to forge a new community.

It is a spy story, a story about families and neighbours, and a story that will make you laugh. Performed by members of the local community – both on screen and in person – this is a show for all the family about the people and places where you live. So come along and see what we’ve been up to. It’s absolutely free.


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