The Cries of Silent Men

β€˜It is 1543 and we, the Carthusian Brotherhood, have a most terrible tale to tell. We know that this is a story that brings danger to all who hear it. But we also know that it is necessary for us to do so. For it is a story that will bring truth and light to bear on these most tumultuous and barbaric times in which we live.’

In the mid sixteenth century an event took place that was to mark the beginning of one of the most savage and important moments in English history. Central to this event was the story and the actions of a group of men who lived in silence just outside of Eastwood in a place called Beauvale. These men were Carthusians, their dwelling was Beauvale Charterhouse, and their story is one of sacrifice, of conscience, of betrayal and of turmoil.

The Cries of Silent Men told of this event, when the Carthusian brotherhood stood firm against the wishes and the power of one of the most famous men in history – King Henry VIII.

This truly atmospheric show, funded by Arts Council England and Broxtowe Borough Council, could have continued for weeks on end, so great was the interest and the word of mouth support. As a result we reprised the performance for NEAT 11 at the Nottingham Castle.

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