The Right Up Our Street Bingo Bonanza!

This show was commissioned by Right Up Our Street as a follow up to our work in Thorne and Moorends two years before, and was a development of our Bolsover Bingo show for another Creative People and Places project, First Art.

Gathering stories from Balby, Mexborough and Rossington we created three separate shows that were performed at Labour clubs in these three communities in South Yorkshire. As before it was a chaotic mix of bingo, pub quiz and theatre (with live music throughout) with guest appearances from a range of local groups (including a choir of twenty five people in Rossington) and a series of films in which shopkeepers, pigeon fanciers, hairdressers and others asked questions that required the audience to display their ‘local knowledge’.

With stories of Amazon fulfillment centre workers, German pork butchers, competitive anglers, pottery loving guitar heroes, and feminist leek growers (amongst others) it was a show that really seemed to hit the mark with the audiences that we played it to. And in Mexborough we were very lucky to attract the involvement of one of Britain’s best loved actors, whose contribution can be heard here.

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