The Last Inspector

Our work in Bilborough continued with this performance that marked the closure of the William Sharp school and which was the last thing to ever happen in the school hall.

‘There’s an Inspector on the loose and she’s heading for William Sharp just at the moment when it is about to close its doors and bid farewell for ever. But why would an Inspector want to visit now? Surely there’s nothing else to inspect? Or is it because she’s different from all of those who have come before? Is it that this Inspector is searching for something special? Something that only she can find? Something that involves pulling stories out of thin air, bringing memories crashing back to life, and making the most unexpected things happen?

From the company that brought you Road to Bilborough, The Last Inspector is another specially commissioned show researched with and performed by local people of all ages. With an exciting and energetic mixture of film, storytelling and comedy it is a celebration of William Sharp school and its half century of history. From bilateral systems to trampolines, school orchestras to special measures, The Last Inspector digs deep not only into the memories of ex-pupils and teachers, but also into the very spirit of the school itself’.



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