Bolsover Bingo

A chaotic mixture of story telling and game playing, conceived, devised and produced for the Bolsover Stories festival (for more information on our original idea click here). Our hosts for the evening, Deirdre and Dale, guided people through a revolutionary new game of bingo in which something lurks behind every ball and there is more to life than numbers. With guest appearances from fiddle players, kick boxers and a town crier, and live musical accompaniment throughout, the evening lurched from cabaret pastiche to moments of real beauty and anarchic audience challenges (‘it’s the make Bolsover Castle out of spaghetti and marshmallows round!’). The show was made on a shoe string, was an absolute blast to perform and was a huge hit with the Bolsover audiences, who didn’t seem to mind at all that one of our key plot points revolved around the town’s new found status as ‘the unhappiest place in the U.K.’


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